Feed arrival

feed arrival

Firstly, you have to specify the destination barn - to which the feed arrived - than the date of the order. Given the specified date the app will automatically show all orders you placed on that date. 

Than you can give the quantity - the amount of feed arrived in kilograms. Not arrived status stands for the case when the feed not arrived. You can also record the number of the delivery note, the licence plate of the trucking vehicle and the exact date of the arrival. 

You can record the arrival with the help of the "QR code" button if there is a qr code on the delivery note. In this way the app will automatically fill the following areas: farm, barn, the exact order, the nr. of the delivery note, the license plate of the trucking vehicle and the exact time of arrival. 

Also there is a possibility to record a group of feed which arrived - learn more about this in the help of the app. 

What is more, there is a message sending option - if the given phone has an operating SIM card - with which after a successful arrival you can send a message* to the farm - where the feed arrived at - and a message to the distributor / supplier**. Although we recommend to send a SMS to the distributor / supplier just in case the delivery note's number is recorded. 


*The message sending is also possible if the "SMS to distributor / supplier" and/or "SMS to farm" box is checked. 

**The numbers - to which the message supposed to be sent to - can be recorded under the administration / partners / suppliers and the administration / farms / farms menu.