The base of profitable working is the proactive detailed planning. LIVESTOCKER pays special attention to that, so its users can value their information via deep analyses and they can use it to plan their next financial period.

Planning module Includes:

1. Budget planning
2. Sale planning
3. Fulfillment planning
4. Feed planning
5. Young animal planning
6. Scenario planning
7. Fattening weight optimisation
8. Meat quality optimisation
9. Sales optimisation
10. Feed mill optimisation

Using the fattening weight optimisation, we can quickly react to market changes. After choosing the piglet production cost and feed mixing program we get immediate information about the profit belonging to sale weight.
Hízlalási súly optimalizálás
The analysis made after the slaughter classification gives you information about customers, premiums after weight categories. So you can optimize the sales of animals with each meat category and genetics to each costumer.
Súlykategória optimalizáló
According to experiences the customers are not qualifying our animal based on the same aspects. That is why we think it is especially important that our users can do deep analyses about the preferences of each customer. This allows you to improve your products offering to the customer to which you are about to sell your product.
Húsminőség és súlykategória