Financial indicators
They inform us about the cost structure, efficiency, trends in relation to genetics, rotation, farm, barn, space, range and time period.
Furthermore, LIVESTOCKER provides real time information about your expected income, commitments, funding and financial position.
Professional indicators
It gives you the opportunity to analyse the professional work on your farm. It will not just inform you about periodic trends, but you can also compare farms, barns and genetics.
Besides professional default queries – mass growth, feed conversation ratio, meat quality etc. – you can also combine analyses for individual, same or different time periods.
You can compare the health state of different livestock. You can track down the changes in animal health on the same farm but in different time periods, so you can analyse the efficiency of vaccines. You can also analyse the performance of young animals coming from the same farm, but later separated to different farms. Like this you can estimate whether the animals ‘took the illnesses’ with them, or they became sick due to a pathogen on the next farm, or there is some kind of technological mistake in the background.