You can record all your transactions here. This means that what happens in real life you can record into your virtual farm to keep it up-to-date. 

Some of the transactions are rotation based like purchasing young animals, mortalities, feeding, other incomes and expenses or the specie specific records - like egg or chick recording. Also you can record here all data related to the animal waste disposal for example suppliers and invoices. 

The integrated feed order system calculates the necessary feed quantity for a given period which calculation you are able to send immediately to your feed suppliers - which will be saved and ready for re-check automatically under the Documents menu. 


feed order

In addition you can create the evaluation of every rotation with a few click after the final transactions. Just like you can check your medicine or raw material stock or your orders and contracts quickly. 

What is more the bonus-malus arrangement - from which you can read more in the software's "Help" - the pricing and invoicing are also placed here in this menu. In addition Livestocker are able to communicate with Your bookkeeping software.