In recent years, the world’s leading livestock integrations and companies have unanimously identified precision farming as the only optimal way to sustain the profitability of livestock farming that is characterized by a margin decreasing year by year.

LIVESTOCKER PRO precision livestock farming software is a modular, integrated animal farming ERP, DSS and BI software applicable to farmed animals. Its primary goal is to promote immediate and informed management decision-making, thus becoming a gap-filling target tool for livestock farming businesses.

In the sales model of LIVESTOCKER PRO software, AnimalSoft Kft. and its sales partners jointly sell the software to customers coming from the partner's distribution channel. Livestock farms, as customers, pay a service fee in a subscription system based on the selected configuration, the number of modules actually used, and the number of animals or products registered in the system. AnimalSoft Kft. calculates a distributor commission from the service fee. Our partnership offers an innovative yet secure and significant source of revenue in the common market for livestock (1 billion pigs, 10 billion hens and more than 66 billion broilers) and cloud-based software ($ 122.6 billion). We also help our partners with active sales and after-sale support.