Automatic barn log, treatment log and reports which can be easily edited based on the needs of the corporate and farm management team. Production based indexes - for example EPEF - and key performance indicators és naturális mutatók - like DWG, FCR and mortality. What is more you can create comparing analysis with the software based on the performance of your genetics, barns, rotations and customers.



The main page of the software which can designed by your choice to display all graphs and statistics which you would like to check at first.


To fully setup your virtual farm with all data of all barns, silos, feed mixers, products, genetics, partners etc.


All transactions and events - also reportable ones - can be recorded here. You can check the profitability of all rotations with just a few click.
veteranian and a chicken


Follow-up on the medication and antibiotics consumption. Ordering is just one click since the signature of the veterinarian can be uploaded into the software.
a query from the software


Financial - result/animal, cost/kg -, Key Performance - LSPI, DWG, FCR, mortality - and Evaluation indicators.


Production planing and optimising module. Customer and genetics analysis - premium and grading. Comparison of feed plants. Experiments and ZMP rate.


For store, sync and structurize documents - feed and medicine orders, financial reports, bills etc.
In addition sort, categorize and reread e-mails.

Task manager

Record tasks, jobs, to-dos with comments and deadlines.
Check-lists per users and per farms.

veteranian and a chicken

Human Resources

Data sheets, assignments, activity lists, working hours.
Job descriptions, variables, bonuses and premiums.
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External data

This module stands for communicating with the different IoT solutions on the farms like meters or identifying bots.